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Our company was founded in 2005 by Hugh A. Wentz in Lawrence, Kansas where it is still headquartered today. At that time Mr. Wentz did not know much about affordable alternative energy sources. He just wanted to find ways to save fuel costs and help the environment at the same time. So, after searching the country, he found a national company who would train him and add his firm, Wentz Alternative Energy Company to their list of installers. At first, wind generators were more cost-effective for homeowners and businesses in the midwest area near Lawrence. So, we marketed and installed primarily wind generators. But after about 2008 solar photovoltaic panel prices started dropping significantly while becoming much more efficient. And their warranties were considerably longer than were those for wind generators. Therefore, we now only sell and install solar panel systems.

Then, because we were being asked to do larger solar projects, it became obvious that we needed a better trained and experienced project designer. And now we have one of the best in the United States. His name is Steve Sherwood. He brought to our management group the capability to provide even the most complicated solar system installations. With Steve we can boast that we have supplied solar systems to several prominent and large clients. They include the Kansas City Royals baseball stadium, Pembroke Hill private school near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO and the largest installation at one of the areas biggest retirement centers, John Knox Village in Lees Summit, MO.
So now we have a great and knowledgeable management core. In addition to that, because of our good industry reputation we have been courted by the largest and most price-efficient solar panel system distributors in the county. They provide us with the lowest prices, access to all of the major solar panel manufacturers without experiencing the back-orders that are common to smaller distributors, as well as any extra technical and engineering support we may need. That has enabled Wentz Solar Company to offer great pricing, service and expertise to all of our customers whether small home projects or large commercial ones.

Presently our management team includes
Hugh A. Wentz, Owner
Hugh has a BS in Business from the University of Kansas. He spent 30 years in banking with an expertise in mortgage lending. He has attended courses for solar panel installers and company owners which has provided him with the full range of knowledge necessary to lead the firm. Three Octobers ago he had the honor of being asked to be one of only 5 solar experts to address and answer solar industry related questions at a forum of 40 executives from the majority of electric cooperatives in Kansas.

Steve Sherwood, Project Designer
Steve was previously lead designer for a competing solar company. It is a national firm which allowed Steve to get experienced in a wide variey of solar designs. We are pleased to have him on board.

Richard Henderson, Installation Manager
Richard was a general contractor for many years. So, his background has come in very handy whenever we run into an installation problem that needs more than just a solar panel specialist.

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